About a year ago I got into making my own soaps.? I bought a book and read everything I could find on the internet.? At that point the task was beginning to look a little daunting, but I really wanted to have a go.? So…. went to the supermarket and purchased the oils I needed, had plenty of large plastic containers for a mold, got everything else I needed and off I went.

The first batch I made was really basic, 3 different oils, a little essential oil and fragrance oil.? Poured it up and had to wait 12 hours before I could unmold it.? Eventually got it out of the mold and cut it into pieces, so far so good, now I had to wait 6 weeks before I could use it.

The first time I used I really noticed a difference, the lather wasn’t as bubbly as commercial soap, it was a richer lather, it cleaned and smelt lovely.? My skin afterwards actually felt moisturised and soft and it still felt that way the next day.

I made another batch and decided to be a little more adventurous this time but using some different oils and colours.? Weighed everything out, had the lye/water mix cooling in the sink, the oils had all melted so got them all ready to mix together (in the laundry).? Poured the lye mix into the oils got in with the hand mixer and withing 3 secs had a volcano on my hands, it was flowing out of the mixing pot, onto the floor, I managed to open the laundry door and threw the mess onto some dirt.? Lesson learnt- let the oils and water/lye mix cool right down before mixing them.

Off I went again, remeasured and redid another batch – perfect, had swirls through it and it looked great and smelt wonderful, but again had to wait 6 weeks before I could use it.

Since then I have been making goats milk soap which is heaven, the lather is so rich and this soap soothes and moisturises the skin, great for sensitive skins and psorasis and ezcema.

I am now going to start making soaps with chamomile, jasmine and lavender infusions, have already made a lavender and jasmine batch and it smells devine.

The other good things about using natural soaps is that the shower/bath is so much easier to clean than it is after you have used commercial soaps.? I think this is because a soap made from all oils has far less chemicals than a commercial soap.

Also with vegetable oil soaps, they are great for washing your hair with and believe it or not far more gentler on your hair than commercial shampoo.

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