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A fun nail art project.

You will need:

Light coloured nail polish – shows up the print better than darker colours.10 Strips of newspaper
vodka, alcohol or water
Nail Art Top Coat

1.  Apply two coats of nail polish to clean nails.  Let it dry thoroughly.

2.  Soak your finger in your liquid of choice for about 15-20 seconds.

3.  Remove finger from liquid and place a newspaper strip over the nail.  Use medium pressure to hold the paper down, with the finger holding down the paper, roll the finger over the nail to get the print to adhere all over the nail.  Do this for about 20 seconds.

4.  Gently lift the newspaper from one corner to remove it.  Do not touch and leave for about 2 minutes.

5.  Use a nail art top coat and apply a generous coat.  Try not to brush the nail too much as this may damage or remove the print.

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