This is one of those “Is it just me…” posts. You get bombarded everyday with advertising hype and I guess you do sit there and wonder how much of what they are telling is true and is the product really that fantastic. I find that after a while and repeatedly hearing the virtues of the same product over and over again some of it starts to stick and you start to think that maybe that product is as good as it says. And that being the case then the products marketing has worked, well nearly, you still have to purchase the product.

But, do you find that often you buy a product and you have high hopes for it and then find that you could have purchased another product and less than half the price that would have done the same job because the product you originally purchased did not live up to its hype?

The other week I purchased a new mascara which said “9X the volume”. Paid a bit extra for it, and used it for the first time about a week later, 9X – yeah right, not. I kept looking for the volume and to be honest there wasn’t any, but there was a fair bit of clumping. Disappointed again at being conned. I purchased a cheap mascara by Rimmel some time back which has a product in it to help your lashes grow, it has a thin wand but I have to say I got heaps of compliments on my eyelashes, so I think will stick with the tried and true.

The other thing I have noticed is that on the internet you try and research a product and you find all these blogs about how wonderful the product is and the miracles those products performed and again you purchase the product and find out it does nothing. Today I discovered a little website where companies that want blog reviews for their products put up little advertisements to get bloggers to try their products free and then write a review. Is it just me, or do you find this a little underhanded?

Maybe we should band together and put up some honest reviews on this website about products we have purchased and felt that the advertising overkill on the product.

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