Another quick easy nail art idea that can give amazing effects.  For this you will need:

1 x light coloured background nail polish, we used white
3 different colour polishes, we used red, purple and pink
1 x marbeling or dotting tool

BMNE Direct nail art

Marbled Nails the easy way
marble1a Apply a thick base to the nail
marble3 Apply 3 dots onto the white with 3 different colours, we used less of the darker colours so they would not over power the lighter colour.
marblefinish Using the dotting tool swirl the colours together over the nail.  Finish with 2 coats of top coat to seal.
marblepurple With this nail we used 2 different purples and a light pink."
Another Marbling method using plastic.
marble1a Apply a thick base to the nail
marblep1 Apply several dots over the nail in different colours
marbleplastic Using plastic (we used folded cling wrap, place the plastic over the nail and push the nail polish around to spread it over the nail.  You can add more polish if necessary by repeating this process.
mablep1 This is what our finished marbling looked like
marblep3 We applied 2 coats of top coat and this is the finished nail.  To easy.
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