As you get older you will probably start to notice that the lines are becoming very permanent features and your skin is starting to look tired and dry.

Your bombarded at every corner you turn with a miriade of creams that are going to turn your skin back to what it was like in your early teens. But, the sad thing is that most of those creams won’t even get close to that and that the ingredients in them could end up doing your skin more harm than you realise and this damage will show in years to come.

What your skin needs is Collagen and Elastin. What is collagen? Collagen gives your skin strength and elasticity, plays a big part in tissue regeneration and also strengthens the blood vessels. As we grown older our skin produces less and less collagen hence why the wrinkles and lines start – it is the breaking down of the skins elasticity. Collagen is also used to heal damaged skin.

Marine Collagen when added to a cream is able to be absorbed into the skin and it will encourage your skin to renew itself as well as strenthening the skin through the elastin in your skin. And, marine collagen in itself is a great moisturiser.

Missai have a fantastic Collagen Night Cream available. It also contains wheatgerm oil which is a fantastic anti-oxident and high is Vitamin E (more than any other oil), camellia oil, borage oil and apricot oil plus many other moisturising ingredients, there is a full list of ingredients and an explanation of what they do for the skin on the product listing at Missai’s website.

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