B.M.N.E. Direct began business in Melbourne in 2003, Australia and is proudly Australian owned and managed. Our aim is to supply the general public and nail salons with very reasonably priced items. We have spent hours and hours searching to bring the right products to you at the right prices and because we run our business with very few overheads we are able to keep our prices down.

BUT, we will always have our usual range on products in stock. We are currently importing products from a major supplier in Europe and can assure you that these products, like all our others, are the best quality available on the market. We are constantly expanding our range to bring you new and exciting items. The products we offer are not generally available in retail shops and we want people who like to do their nails themselves at home and nail technicians to feel at home in our shop.

Recently we expanded into airbrush cosmetics and the Bellezzaire range. Absolutely fantastic stuff and those who are buying the kits are thrilled with the makeup’s quality. As with BMNE Direct we will keep expanding Bellezzaire to find the best we can to fit the range and at the same time keep the prices real for our customers.

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