Magentic nail polishes

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These effect on these polishes is so easy to achieve using the design slices.? Without using the slices the colours look like a normal nail polish.

To get the lined effect, put the polish on, we recommend a thick coat, then select the design slice you want.? Hold it as close to the nail as possible without touching the nail, hold in place for about 10-15 seconds, try and rest the top edge of the slice just above your cuticle on your finger, this will help keep it steady.? When you lift the slice you will see that the metal in the polish has been drawn to the top matching the lines on your design slice.

When we did this we used a top coat, but I felt that the top coat took away some of the effect and colour depth, so I think you would? need to experiment and the best finish to use would be a low sheen/shine top coat to seal.? Also, a base coat will help with the staying power of the polish.

Definitely a must have for something fun and different.

Can be purchased here.? We have an application guide at the start of the category to help you.

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