A new way to make your nails look fantastic is to use flocking to create a velvet or plush finish. This is so easy to do:

  1. Apply two coats of coloured nail polish in a colour that will match your flocking.
  2. Do one nail at a time to ensure the final nail polish coat is still wet when you go to apply the flocking.
  3. You can either dip your finger into the jar of flocking or you can use tweezers to pick up bits of flocking at apply it to the nail this way.
  4. For the moment tap off the excess back into the jar.
  5. Continue doing all your nail this way.
  6. Next step is to use the brush and gently brush off all the excess back into the jar, this will help smooth out your application and give a neat tidy finish.

You don’t have to use just one colour either, be creative and create nail art patterns with different colours.

And that is how it is done.? You can’t add a top coat because this will ruin the plush effect.? To remove just use nail polish remover, this will get down to the nail polish through the flocking.

We have 14 different colours in our range and each kit contains a 15ml nail polish, a 30 gram jar of flocking and a brush to remove the excess when you have finished.

flocked nails kit bmnedirectflocked nails kit bmnedirectflocked nails kit bmnedirect
Available at www.bmnedirect.com.au

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