These nails were done by someone who is not a trained nail tech using BMNE Direct’s Smootheaze forms and nail art polymer/fimo sticks. This is a very simple design to copy.

Smootheaze forms, polymer nail art sticks

What you need:
Clear tips
opal acrylic glitter
polymer nail art sticks sliced thinly
clear acrylic powder

How they were done:
1. Prep nail with your usual process (anti-bac, primer, nail prep) and applying a tip. Clear tips were used.
2. Apply a thin layer of BMNE Direct Opal acrylic glitter over the entire nail and tip.
3. Place dabs of glue where the nail art is to be placed and using tweezers place the nail art pieces onto the glue. Leave to dry. When you are using the nail art sticks, try and get them as thin as you can for more flexibility. Using a razor blade is the easiest way to do it.
4. Then using the Smootheaze forms, apply clear acrylic. File clean the sides of the nail if necessary. Finish with Glass seal or a UV seal.

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