Here are some easy nail art designs for Christmas, for you to try on yourself or your customers.

BMNE Direct Christmas Nail Art Design #1

This design was created using:

  • Red Glitter applied with nail art adhesive or you could use glitter acrylic
  • Red Braid
  • Christmas decal
  • Light coloured nail polish
  • Top Coat

Polish the nail first and when the polish is dry, starting at the top center of the nail using nail art adhesive draw a /\ on the nail, this is for the glitter and braid, cut the braid to size and stick on to the edges of the nail art adhesive.

Sprinkle the glitter over the adhesive, blow off any excess thoroughly, apply a decal in the centre as shown. Finish with 2-3 coats of top coat to seal the design.

For this design you will need:

  • Red nail polish
  • Gold glitter
  • Gold braid
  • Gold foil
  • Christmas decals
  • Nail art adhesive
  • Nail Art Top Coat

Paint the entire nail with red nail polish and let dry thoroughly
Divide the nail into 3 parts diagonally across the nail
Cover the first section (closest to the cuticle) with nail art adhesive and then do the same for the bottom section.
Cut braid to size and apply to the inside edge of each diagonal section.
Apply gold foil next to the bottom part of the design (remember with foil if you do not get it down in a full cover just go back to the areas that missed a covering and reapply more foil.
Next apply glitter to the top part of the design and blow or brush off thoroughly. Apply the glitter last so it does not get onto the area for the foil.
Apply decals in the middle diagonal section and you can also apply a small one to the foiled area. Finish with 2 coats of Nail Art Top Coat (has to be Nail Art Top Coat so it will not strip the foil).


This is another simple and easy design and you will need:

  • Gold braid
  • Green Glitter
  • Red Nail Polish
  • Nail art adhesive
  • Christmas decals
  • Top Coat

Paint the nail in red nail polish and leave to dry thoroughly.
Using the nail art adhesive draw the outline of a diamond shape on the nail and then fill in the top let and bottom right outside of the diamond with nail art adhesive.
Cut the braid to size and place on the inside of where you have just filled in with the nail art adhesive so it forms a diamond shape on the inside .
Sprinkle green glitter over the nail art adhesive, blow off the excess thoroughly,.
Apply nail art decals to the bottom left, middle
and top right hand side of the nail, finish with two coats of top coat


For this design you will need:

  • Purple nail polish
  • Silver braid
  • Christmas decals
  • Silver glitter or silver dot foil
  • 2mm clear rhinestones
  • Nail art adhesive
  • Top Coat(if using gitter) Nail Art Top Coat if using foil.

Paint the nail purple, let it dry thoroughly.
Using the nail art adhesive, draw a french smile line across the bottom of the nail (as shown), fill in this bottom area with nail art adhesive for the foil or glitter.
Draw two lines / / diagonally on the remainder of the nail for the braid using nail art adhesive, cut the braid and lay it across the lines.
Using the foil or glitter apply it to the bottom where you have the nail art adhesive.
Apply the decals to the top diagonal, the middle and the bottom diagonal areas as shown, finish with the required Top Coat

Some hints:

Don’t worry if your lines using the nail art adhesive are not dead straight, the adhesive is very forgiving and can be pushed with a wooden cuticle stick. You may need tweezers to help lay the braids in the correct positions. And don’t forget to reapply Top Coat every 3-4 days to prevent your masterpiece from chipping.

Always blow or brush away any excess glitter because if you don’t it will probably contaminate your top coat.

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