This design is really easy and quick to do.

What you will need:
1. Soft pink nail polish
2. Gold nail art pen or gold acrylic paint
3. White nail polish
4. Striping nail art brush
5. Black nail art pen or black acrylic paint
6. Gold or Clear star rhinestone.
7. 1.85mm or 2mm round clear rhinestones
8. Nail art adhesive or nail glue.

Step 1:
Gold Star nail art design
Paint the whole nail in a soft translucent pink, let it dry. Then do the french smile line in white with white nail polish, let it dry. With a striping brush paint a gold stripe at the tip of the nail.

Step 2:
Gold star nail art design step 2
Using the gold again, paint another stripe at the top of the white french smile line, let it dry. Then using black paint a thinner line at the bottom of the top gold stripe and a thin black line against the top of the bottom gold stripe, so that you have encased the white of the french smile. Allow to dry.

Step 3:
Gold star nail design step 3
Place a small dab of nail art adhesive or nail glue in the centre of exposed white. Using tweezers of a moistened toothpick place a star rhinestone onto the adhesive/glue. Place 4 small dabs of glue or adhesive above the top gold stripe and place a round rhinestone onto each dab.

Step 4:
Gold star nail design step 4
Allow everything to dry and then finish with two coats of nail art top coat. The top coat will help seal in the rhinestones. every 4-5 days reapply the top coat to ensure the design is protected.

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