A new range on shampoos and conditioners available through Sassylicious is EO, which is a range of all natural shampoos and conditioners.

The conditioner can be used on its own without shampooing and your hair will come up soft, silky and shiny. Some of the key ingredients in the conditioner are essential oils to suit your hair type, nettle extract to give your hair shine, panethol B5 and hydrolized wheat protein.

With the conditioner all you need to do is apply about 1.5 tablespoons to shoulder length hair, massage it through and then comb it through. Leave it on for about 3 minutes while you finish your shower. It can also be used as a deep conditioner by applying it to your hair and then wrapping your hair in plastic wrap of popping on a shower cap and leaving it for an hour or more and then rinsing out.

If you have never used an all natural shampoo or conditioner before you may notice that your hair looks heavy and feels heavy after the first application – don’t panic, it is the natural products leeching out the chemicals in your hair from the commercial shampoo you have been using, this feeling disappears after 2-3 washes and then you will really notice the difference in your hair.

If you are going to primarily use the conditioner as your hair cleansing product, we do recommend using the shampoo at least once a month for a really thorough scalp cleanse and the follow with the conditioner.

Visit the websites and give it a try.

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