What Are The Major Causes Of Dry Skin?
By Elizabeth Boardman

Nobody wants to suffer from dry skin especially since it may lead to more serious skin conditions With that being said, what makes dry-skin form and how can it be avoided?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the formation of dry skin. These factors include genetics, age, humidity, and an improper bathing regimen. Using products that contain harsh chemicals may also add up to the skin’s dryness. Let us discuss each factor further.

One of the factors mentioned was genetics. Sweat glands produce fluids to keep you moist and supple. These glands’ proper functioning is critical in keeping the skin from drying. Some people that have less active sweat glands follow special routines to avoid drying out their body.

Age is also an important factor in the development of a better appearance. People age, and so does the glands which results in lower gland activity.

Humidity may be one of the greatest contributors to having dry skin. This is more evident during winter when the dry air causes the loss of moisture and produce cracks and peels. Some people follow certain skin care routine to avoid this. Keeping your body moisturized during these periods is essential.

Harsh chemicals may come from the products we commonly use everyday. Detergents, cleaners, and even soaps that contain harsh ingredients may lead to dry skin when used in direct contact.

In general moisturizing is key in preventing dry skin. Doing this after a bath is the best time since you are still damp and wet. This will provide the skin protection from its oils drying out. Knowing these factors will give you a good understanding in how to lessen if not avoid the formation of dry skin.

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