Missai have introduced a new and unique skin care concept where you design your own skin care range to suit only your skin and not the masses.

Commercially produced skin care products cater to the masses and not to your individual needs. Missai Naturals has been developed with the individual in mind.

It is so easy to do. Missai have developed the base moisturiser and you select up to 3 different essential oils and additives to your cream. There is a description of each essential oil and what they can do. You decide what your skin needs and develop your skin care from there.

Included in the range are day creams, night creams, eye creams and toners. Missai also have products ready made if you can’t decide on what you would like in your skin care.

All the products Missai use are 100% natural and pure, no chemicals at all. All this at more than reasonable prices. When you purchase commercially produced products, did you know that the actual cream contained in the jar costs mere cents and that what you are paying for is advetising and packaging. Commercially produced products do not tend to use pure and natural ingredients because it is cost inhibitive, instead they use cheap, chemical imitations.

All too often we buy a commercial skin care product, full of promises on what it is going to do, only to be disappointed, we find that our skin breaks out and the issues we purchased it for are not being fixed. Everyone’s skin is different and how can a product produced for the masses address the issues of your skin, it can’t. But, with Missai you can address those issues.

Missai have divided their Design your own skincare range into age groups and selected essential oils to suit each of those age groups, because each age group has different needs, the essential oils listed also describe the type of skin they are suited for, all this information will help you design your on range.

Why settle for skin care products made of cheap and harmful chemical. Have a look at Missai Naturals, select one product and give it a try.

Products available here .

If you want to read more information about the products, mineral cosmetics and your skin, have a look at the information pages.

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