Always use a good quality primer before applying foundation. Apply to the face and let it dry before you start airbrushing. Primer helps to minimise imperfections and provide a smooth surface for the foundation to go on to. It will also help your makeup stay on longer.

If you have blemished areas or dark circles under the eyes, concealer will hide imperfections, use concealer after the primer and before you apply the foundation.

Select a shade which will closely match your face skin colour. The great thing about airbrush foundation is that you can mix different colours together in the airbrush gun pot to get a perfect match.

Always SHAKE the bottle well before use, because your foundation is water based the pigment may have settled.

We recommend putting approximately 8-10 drops for a good coverage. For a sheer coverage use 4-6 drops. Turn your compressor on. Take the airbrush gun and hold it like a pen with your index finger on the button.

Hold the gun about 12cm away from your face, start at the top of your face and spray from left to right and back again, doing this down the face, don’t worry when you have to close your eyes, you will feel the product going on to your face and you will know exactly where you are up to. Cover the entire face, avoid your hair and spray onto your neck area. If you feel there is not enough product coming through the gun try pulling the lever button back further.

If you have areas that need a little more coverage then with airbrushing it is easy to apply without getting the caked on look, just wave your gun over the area to give it a little more foundation than the rest of the face.

You will be able to tell whether you are spraying too much by the sound of airbrush, if it is too much don’t pull the knob back so far, if it is spotting, close the nozzle a little and test. You will also know when the gun is empty by the sound, you will hear air only coming through.

BLUSH: no need to clean the airbrush gun out after foundation, just put in 2 drops of blush. Pull the knob on the gun about 1/2 way back (less than when you applied the foundation). Spray on the cheekbone from the middle of the eye outwards nd seeping up. After application give the blush 20 seconds to allow the full colour to come out.

Your airbrush foundation dries on contact, we recommend spraying a little at first, check the result and spray again if you feel you need more.

For extra staying power you can finish with a foundaton setting spray. To make your foundation waterproof, add one small drop of vodka to 10 drops of foundation.

If your foundation becomes thick, add DISTILLED water only, one drop at a time to get to the right consistency. If your foundation does thicken it will not flow through the airbrush gun. Put your foundation drops into your airbrush gun cup, add distilled water one drop at a time, swirl in the cup to mix with the foundation.

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