Many many things can cause yellowing. Let?s run through the most common causes.


Probably the most common cause of lifting in acrylic nails is applying the acrylic onto the cuticles. What happens is that when you have acrylic hard up against or on the cuticles a small air pocket can occur, this allows moisture and dirt to get in and start the lifting process.

Another cause is not prepping the nail properly. To do a good prep you need anti-bac, nail prep and primer. The anti-bac cleans the nail and finger area of germs, the nail prep removes excess oils from the nail and the primer lays down a chemical base for the acrylic to adhere to. When using each of these products you must allow each one to dry thoroughly before using the next and before applying acrylic. If the primer is still wet you can risk contaminating your liquid and this can cause lifting.

Another cause is not having the mix right – too much liquid or too little, to get this right it is a matter of play and practice.

Chemicals are another big cause of lifting.
- contaminated primer (dust in the primer) or liquid, mixing products from different brands and the chemicals may not be compatible, too much primer on the nail plate, glue, household cleaners and acidic fruits.

Medications can also cause lifting and yellowing.

The main cause is chemicals around the house, cigarette smoke and MMA acrylic liquid. Very old liquid which has been subjected to heat may also cause yellowing. If yellowing occurs try a Yellow Out top coat, this will elminate the yellow visibly as well as give the nail a good seal.

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