Matte Nail Polish Nail Art
Some simply stunning designs from some very talented people. These are very easily recreated. The first design is done with a base of purple matte, of course you can use any colour you want, then either a stencil or paint freehand the design in black matte.

Source: via Noel on Pinterest


This design has been created with a dark blue matte and hexagon embedded into it, you could also use a dotting tool to create this type of effect. Use the larger end of the tool to create a dot in one colour then use the smaller end of the dotting tool to create a smaller dot inside the larger one, offset the small dot inside the larger one rather than center it.

Source: via Fabyan on Pinterest


This can be created with a gold polish over the base colour or even apply a gold foil or any metallic colour would look great.

Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

I love this one, matte black background and a hexagon glitter mixed into the gloss top coat and then used to create a french finish look – stunning.

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