Airbrushed Tips.

Airbrushed or predesigned nail tips are great, and if you get tired of looking at them or feel like a change in scenery you can just polish over them.

The tips should be applied to the nail as you would normally apply any other tip, most airbrushed tips have a full well on them and tip blender can still be used to blend this down before applying either your acrylic, gel or fibreglass to them. Remember, it is still important to prep the nail as you would if you were applying any other type of nail tip.

Predesigned tips DO NOT need to be buffed down, the tips we sell do not have a shiny layer you need to buff off, and by buffing the tips down you are removing the protective layer of the tip,this is the layer that protects the design. Also, if you are using acrylic, keep in mind that a good quality acrylic will adhere and not suffer lifting because product quality has come a long way in the last few years. A trick that I use is that when I apply the primer as part of the prep process, I run it right down over the predesigned tip, primer lays down a chemical base to give any application even more adhesion.

When you apply acrylic or fibreglass it may look as if the design has disappeared or is going to be blocked out by the application, it hasn??t and it won??t, remember to use CLEAR acrylic or clear gel. After you have finished the application, now is the time to buff down and smooth out using a whiteblock or 180 or 240 grit file, now using a buffing block to remove the scratches. You should be able to see the design on the tip now. Finish with a protective gloss coat or gel UV top coat and you are done.

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