Our hands tell alot about us and give away alot that we don’t want other people to know, you know those age spots that start to show, the fact that we have been working hard and have worn our nails right down….. and unless you wear gloves all the time your hands will give you away. But, there are way to to hide these giveaways.

If you do a lot of manual work with your hands, try wearing gloves, this will help your hands from drying out and stop dirt etc staining your hands.

Try using a moisurising soap when washing your hands – Missai Naturals Goats milk soap is a luxury soap designed for using on the face, but is perfect for hands too as it contains nourishing oils.

A hand cream is a MUST have item. Use it twice a day. A good hand cream will also give your hands a protective barrier for continual moisturising. Have a look at Missai Naturals Hand Souffle, this cream was originally designed to be used by nurses, who continually have their hands in water, the cream quickly absorbs, is full of natural oils and provides a protective barrier, so much so that even after you have washed your hands you can still feel it on your skin. It does not leave a greasy after feeling – it absorbs right in.

Cuticle oils and creams are important to help your nails grow strong. Apply ever night by rubbing into the cuticles and nails. Missai Naturals nail and cuticle cream contains wheatgerm and vitamin e oil which promotes strong nail growth. BMNE Direct cuticle oil contains mineral oil and vitamin e oil as well.

Always have a good quality file on hand, such as a gold file or even a glass file for natural nails, if you feel your nails catching on things use the file to get rid of this split by filing in one direction only, filing backwards and forwards will only make the split worse, so file from the nail bed and away from it in one direction.

Ocassionally apply a nail strengthening top coat to your nails to give them a nice shine and help feed the nail.

If your nails are stained think about purchasing a Yellow Out product, this will hide the yellow on your nails and can be worn on its own or under polish. It does work.

Purchase a buffer and using this to smooth the nail surface and then buff to a high shine, the rubbing of the buffer over the nail surface has a two fold effect, it will give your nails a high shine and stimulate the blood circulation around the nail which helps with growth.

Remember, if you are growing your nails out after having acrylic, gel or fibreglass on them it will take aabout 6-8 months. If you use hand creams and nail and cuticle creams this will help your nails grow out to be strong. Don’t be disheartened when you start because the results will be slow to be seen, hang in there and perservere because it will be worth it. Just keep applying those products.

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