We have just introduced a new product, a Micro Bead Set which contains 1 x base coat, 12 x 2 sets of micro beads in 12 different colours, 1 x nail art top coat.

Application Directions:
1. Apply one coat of base coat and let it dry.
2. Select a nail polish colour close to the colour of the micro beads you are going to use. Apply one or two coats of nail polish.
3. While the polish is still wet carefully pour the beads over the nail until the nail is covered. (TIPS: get a small bowl and line with a piece of paper towel, hold your nail over this bowl while you pour).
4. Gently press the beads into the nail polish. Leave to dry.
5. You can leave the beads as they are or you can finish with BMNE Direct Nail Art Top Coat. If you use the top coat, load the brush with top coat and gently run the brush over the beads, the top coat will fill in between the bead gaps. Don’t use pressure on the brush when applying the top coat as this can cause colour seepage from the beads, a very light brush over is all you need to do. Let the top coat dry.
6. Make a small funnel out of paper to pour your excess beads back into the bottle.

BMNE Direct Nail Art Top Coat is the only top coat you can use to prevent colour run in the beads.? We stock lots of different types of top coats and found through testing that every other top coat, apart from our Nail Art Top Coat, caused the colour in the beads to run due to the chemical makeup of those top coats.

This is a photo of a little play we had (hence why it is not as neat and tidy as it could be).? We did one coat of base coat and then one thick coat of blue and then poured the micro beads over the tip, using a small bowl lined with a paper towel to catch the excess beads in.? The beads were then pressed into the polish gently.? Now, you can leave it at this point if you want to, but we decided to seal the beads in with nail art top coat, which when used give a totally different look to the beads au naturale.

Micro beads playtime

Micro beads playtime

You don’t always have to use the same colour nail polish as the beads you are going to use.? Try a black nail polish with silver or gold micro beads or a purple nail polish with lilac micro beads.

I have seen some fantastic nail art using micro beads.? If you go to our Micro bead Board on Pinterest I have saved some photos there.? If you are using micro beads as part of a nail art design, the easiest way to pick them up is to use a toothpick with the end moistened, this will pick the bead up and give you plenty of time to place it on the nails.

You can also embed micro beads into gel.? Apply your gel first layer and cure, apply a second layer of gel, cure apply a uv top coat or gel top coat and press your micro beads into the top coat layer.? You can also embed them right into the gel by applying them to the first layer, but be careful not to brush them around to avoid colour run.

We can only post these kits within Australia, so if you are interested… you can find them here

A quick easy way to get the excess beads back into the bottle is to make a small funnel out of copy paper, you only need about 3″ or 8cm square to make one, tape the funnel together and make sure the bottom of the funnel is narrow enough to fit into the neck of the bottle then pour your excess beads back? into the bottle for next time.

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