When you reach a certain age, I think you come to the conclusion that there is no right or wrong answer, apart from the obvious, on what is needed to maintain healthy skin.

When you meet someone you look into their face, then you look at how they are groomed and within 3 seconds you have summed that person up and put a value on their appearance based on your standards. Yes, this is true and we all do it.

If you have blotchy skin or tired skin, this is going to stand out.? So, what do we need to do to make our skin looks its best?? I am not going to discuss all the creams and potions, I will leave that to someone else to comment on, I am going to go back to basics and my personal experiences.

Without mentioning my age, I remember back to my 29th birthday and I spent the day in tears, I was on the way out, life is over, what have I got to look forward to, if you are over 30 you will know what I am talking about.? Up till then I had never worried about moisturisers, sunscreen greatly, nor did I drink a lot of straight water.? As a teenager I never suffered from acne or heaps of pimples, I think I was just plain lucky to inherit good genes.

From my 29th birthday onwards I got into a routine of using facial moisturiser once a day and eventually moved up to one for day use and one for night, the face needs moisturiser in order to help rejuvinate itself and encourage new cells to grow, I read somewhere that the skin can not grow new cells without moisture.? It was always an internal debate as to whether the expensive moisturisers were better than the cheap ones, so I stuck to the middle of the road.? Over the years I have tried heaps and to be honest after years of testing most products I ended up finding and Australian made brand, which is very affordable and a great product, not greasy and seems to really suit my skin, so I am sticking with it (John Plunkett – avail at most chemists), the range is great.

I mentioned before about drinking water, you hear all the time, “drink two litres of water a day”, arrrggghhhh, I hate plain water and am not one to sit there with a bottle of water? or carry water with me, my water intake comes in the form of coffee, tea, coffee, vitafresh and coffee. ? A few months ago I decided to go on a diet (sitting in front of a computer all day helps you put on weight), on this diet I had to drink 2 litres per day to help the diet work.? So, I knucked down and forced myself to drink this water.? After 3 weeks of drinking 2 litres per day, spending about an extra 30 mins per day going to the loo, I looked in the mirror one day and noticed my skin looked totally different.? I was clear, glowing and just looked different, it looked really healty.? It was the water doing it, because I had not changed any other thing in my daily skincare routine.? I noticed after I went off the diet that my skin lost that clear glowing look. So, yes there is alot to be said about water and skincare.? It will help leech out the impurities from inside and it will help your skin to glow.

When I wash my skin I never use plain soap, I either use goat’s milk soap or a soft skin wash, if you are using these products for your face only, it is a good investment because they will last you ages and become very economical.? As soon as I get out of the shower, and while my skin is still warm I grab the night cream and apply it and also eye cream and because my skin is still warm and the pores open from the heat of the shower, I find my skin drinks it up.

I have now learnt that sunscreen on my face is a must must must, but I find most sunscreens leave an oily feeling and I hate that feeling.? Instead I have replaced sunscreens on my face with mineral cosmetics which are a natural sunblock and after 2 years of going out in the sun with only mineral powder on I can honestly say I have never gotten sunburnt on my face.

As we age our skins needs change and if you are busy it is hard to know when you need to make some changes in your skincare routine, but I believe that if you stick to the basics you can’t go too wrong.? I also use a home microdermabrasion system once a week and my skin feels fantastic afterwards and you do notice the difference and if you can afford one it is a good investment.? I am now waiting for someone to invent the ultimate facelift cream that will really tighten the skin as it ages and perform an on the spot eyelift.

What do you do for your skincare routine and what have you found that works for you?

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