Automobiles, air-conditioning and cell phones have become basic staples of modern-day life, but have they had an effect on the faces of people who use them? Some scientists now say yes.

A group of scientists now states that their studies show a connection between exposure to the pollution generated by these types of modern conveniences and accelerated skin aging.

“We already know that ‘invisible pollutants’ such as UV rays from the sun can harm skin, so it stands to reason that other invisibles, such as car exhaust, artificial lighting and electromagnetic waves, have an effect as well. Our research confirmed that assumption,” explains Lionel de Benetti, director of research and development at Clarins Laboratories, a group that helped run the studies.

For example, part of the studies revealed that just six hours of exposure to electromagnetic waves produced by wireless devices is enough to cause “significant changes in skin’s natural protective barrier,” according to researchers.

Mr. de Benetti says the studies revealed that skin exposed to various forms of indoor, outdoor and electromagnetic pollution shows signs of premature aging, dullness, increased sensitivity, and irritation.

Though technology has advanced faster than our own bodies, there are ways to protect your skin from harsh aggressors in today’s environment. For instance, a product called Expertise 3P was created by Clarins specifically to protect against a wide range of pollution found inside your home and office and outside in the open air.

The lightweight mist can be used by the whole family throughout the day and worn over makeup. It helps reinforce skin’s natural barrier using a number of plant and marine extracts. The magnetic defense complex includes ingredients found in a marine microorganism that survives in a hostile undersea environment, and an Arctic regional plant known for its superadaptive qualities. An anti-pollution complex includes White Tea extract to neutralize up to 80 percent of free radicals, in addition to an invisible microfilm that adheres to the skin and slows down the penetration of pollution particles in the air.

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There are ways to protect your skin from harsh environments.

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