The gels we supply with our kits are all one step gels, this means that you use one gel for all the applications.? It is applied thin like a coat of nail polish and we recommend 2-3 coats, curing each coat and not wiping off the sticky residue until you have cured the final coat.

To avoid lifting, avoid getting the gel on your cuticles, if you do, quickly run around the edge of the cuticle with an orangewood cuticle stick to remove the gel.

For curing times we recommend the following:
9 watt lamp – 3 minutes for each coat
36 watt lamp – 90 seconds for each coat and 3 minutes for the final coat.

Always use a good quality gel brush and clean it with Cleanser Plus by dipping the bristles and then wiping over a paper towel, don’t sandwich the bristles and pull.? We stock nylon and kolinsky sable gel brushes.

Always finish with a good quality uv top coat.? This is help to prevent yellowing and also help with your gel staying on longer and less lifiting.

Don’t forget to rub a very small amount of cuticle oil into your cuticles 1-2 times a week, as this will also help your application stay on longer.

For information about lifting and yellowing, have a look at our acrylic nail? category for an article which explains the main causes.

If you have any questions about gel nails, register on our forum? and ask away under the gel forum.? Someone is bound to answer you soon.

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