How much are you willing to pay for full lips? Lip plumpers with high end cosmetic brand names can cost as much as $85.00. What are you really getting for that price? Ah, I’m glad you asked! You would have purchased a product that although may give you fuller lips, may be laden with toxins.

Many of these lip plumpers have methylparaben, silica, and other carcinogens. They may also contain BHT, which interferes with the immune system; dimethicone, whose use has been restricted by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board and fragrance, which is an ingredient that alone can cause many immune reactions. Many consumers unknowingly expose themselves to these potentially dangerous toxins to achieve sexy, fuller lips and the worst part is that these synthetic creations only last an average of 15 minutes. These plumpers are short term enhancers and to prolong the effects of ample sensual lips you need to continue to reapply, which means absorbing, and in the case of lip products, ingesting more toxins with each application.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for a fuller more voluptuous pout. I just would prefer to avoid all the unnecessary carcinogens included in these pucker potions.

Fortunately, if you need help with obtaining fuller lips, you can still use lip plumpers. You just should take the time and read the product labels, not all brands include questionable Ingredients. The safest and easiest way to make sure your lip plumper is non-toxic is to buy from a reputable cosmetic company that specializes in producing natural products or you can make your own lip plumper at home! It’s fast, it’s easy and the final product will probably turn out to be more economical than something you would buy at the store.

Plants that cause blood to rush to the surface of the lips, making them redden and swell are cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger. Any of these three can be used as the main plumper ingredient in your homemade lip formula.

Here are some simple steps to create your own lip plumping formula. First, find a container to place your final product in. Perhaps you have a used lip gloss bottle that you can clean and sanitize. In a small bowl pour some pure Jojoba oil. You can get this oil at a health food store and sometimes it can also be found in a few big chain supermarkets that have a natural/health section. Jojoba is a great moisturizer and works very well in soothing irritation. Next, you will want to incorporate a few drops of the essential oil you selected (cinnamon, wintergreen, or ginger). Again, these essential oils can be found in your local health food stores. These natural oils work like synthetic ones do, by irritating your lips and causing them to enlarge.

Stir the two ingredients together and draw up your resulting plumper with a small syringe or pipette and inject it into your lip gloss bottle.

When you’re ready to show off plump juicy lips just apply alone or over your favorite lipstick. You will feel tingling and/or some heat. If you feel that your final product is really burning or is very uncomfortable, then go back and add more Jojoba oil to the mixture, you may have used too much essential oil.

Ta da! An easy and natural alternative to sexy luscious full lips.

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By []Ivette Andino
Article Source: [] What’s The Real Price Behind Full Lips? A Natural Alternative to Lip Plumpers

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