Missai Naturals is now stocking mineral powder eyeliner in black and midnight blue.? Very easy to apply, using a moistened angle brush (yes, we have these in stock as well), pick up a little powder and using the edge of the brush draw the line across the eyelid edge.

Did you know that all the Missai eyeshadow colours can aso be used as eyeliners, making them very versitile powders.

Missai have also introduced two new foundation colours, so be sure to check out the colour selection.? Remember, that as the season change, such as winter to summer, when your skin will tan a little, that you can buy a darker foundation and mix it with your summer foundation so that you can get the perfect shade for your skin.

All Missai Naturals Mineral Powders are 100% pure mineral powders, no added talc, cornflour or oils.

Other new products in the Missai range are in the skincare range with many new products being added, but in particular, two new face moisturisers.

Rosehip and Camellia Face Cream, the qualities of these two oils on their own is amazing and Missai have combined them along with essential oils.? Seriously, if you have mature skin or problem skin, have a look at this product.

?Missai Naturals Rosehip and Camellia Face Cream

?Another fantastic cream is for acne skin types.? This cream contains Apricot and Geranium.? It’s a soft nourishing cream and specifically designed to help acne.? Click on the link and read about why it is good for acne skin.

Apricot and Geranium Face Cream

Some other new products include a 3 Way facial exfoliator.? It cleans, lifts dirt out of clogged pores and exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.? Made with goats milk soap, pure blue mineral clay and walnut shell it will not strip your skin like commercial exfoliators because all the ingredients are natural.

?Goats Milk 3 Way Exfoliator


?Want to see the rest of the Missai Naturals range?? Click Here

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