ArtOnNails is a liquid colourant for gel and acrylics.

ArtOnNails nail art designs

Here are some really simple nail art effects using ArtOnNails colours.

1.? Using Clear Gel we have mixed ArtOnNails colours with the gel.? Wwe have started in the bottom left hand corner and placed Blue slanting down from left to right covering about 1/3rd of the nail, above that on the same angled slant, we have placed green and on the remainder of the tip we have placed silver pearl.? The tips was cured for 3 mins, then on the blue we have pressed in blue glitter dots, on the green we have pressed in green glitter dots and on the silver pearl we have pressed in silver glitter dots.? Using turquoise glitter we have lightly gone over the green part and blue part of the nail.? All the excess glitter was dusted off and a clear coat of gel added to seal and finish the design.? Cured for 3 minutes.

2.? Using Clear Gel mixed with gold pearl shimmer we have covered the entire tip.? Cured for 3 minutes and the bottom edge of the nail we have pressed in dark apricot glitter up to about 1/3rd, above that we have pressed in apricot glitter up to about 1/3rd and also mixed it a little with the upper edge of the dark apricot glitter, then we added gold glitter to the top 1/3rd of the tip and graduated this in from the top of the apricot glitter application.? The excess was brushed off and a coat of clear gel applied over the entire tip starting from the top working down to the bottom edge to pick up some of the gold glitter from the top part as this helps with the graduation effect.? Cured for 3 minutes.

3.? We used black mixed with clear gel – 2 coats or you can use black with white gel for an opaque effect or black coloured gel.? Cover the entire tip.? Cure for 3 mins.? We then added dark blue, red and opal gliter in different setions on the tip. Brush off the excess glitter and cover the tip with 1 coat of clear gel, cure for 3 minutes.

4.? We mixed ArtOnNails violet with white gel and cover the tip with a thin layer, cured for 3 minutes.? We then added another coat of the violet gel and with a toothpick loaded it up with white gel, we dotted the white gel onto the tip by letting it drip off the toothpick, in about 4 different places on the nail. With a clean toothpick we ran it through the white to create swirl designs as it was pulled through the violet.? The tip was turned over for about 30 seconds to self level.? Cured for 3 minutes.

5.? Silver Pearl Shimmer was mixed wth clear gel and applied to the entire tip, then cured for 3 minutes.? Silver dots were pressed into the bottom 1/3rd of the tip covering as much of the area as possible.? Silver glitter was them brushed over this and 1/3rd above the dots and then graduated towards the top to fade leaving the top part of the nail showing the silver pearl shimmer gel.? Excess glitter was brushed off.? Applying a clear coat of gel to seal, start at the bottom where the silver dots are and brush up towards the top.? Cure for 3 minutes.

6.? Mix separately, 2 -4 different colour with clear gel.? Paint on the nail in triangles, starting at the sides > and < above and below each on.? Fill with the different colours, cure for 3 minutes.? With black acrylic paint, paint in between the colours and at the top of the nail, take this black up onto the nail at each side so you are creating and deep smile line from the nail to the start of the tip.? Let the paint dry thoroughly.? The apply one coat of clear gel and cure for 3 minutes.

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