I had an email land on my computer today, not sure who sent it onto me, but it gave me the biggest laugh since Christmas.

It appears that Ms Kuhnast does not know when to crawl back into her hole and shut up.

What landed on my computer was a copy of an email Kuhnast sent to an employee of a company in Australia who are in the nail supply business. In this email she names BMNE Direct’s blog, this one. She told this company that they had 24 hours to get all these different people (who are not employed by this company) to remove anything she deemed to be defamatory towards her, from the internet. Who the hell does she think she is. This is BLACKMAIL.

Here are some exerts from her email:

Please contact your team and advise them to remove any offensive posts regarding me, my name and my website.

If these posts are not removed [company name Removed] educators and distributors will not be able to access or post on this site and ALL [company name removed] references will be removed. Sponsorship money to your distributors will be returned. No one related to this product will be welcome on this site.

Please contact your distributors and educators and ensure all posts that have contributed to any defamation towards Nail Tips or myself are removed within 24hours.

Please understand our predicament and ensure that this situation is dealt with appropriately.

Unbelievable…..but wait there is more….

One of your distributors has also commented on a blog (JahnWholesalers).Please read http://www.bmnedirect.com/bmneblog/?p=155#b5a82. Other than the fact that this information is incorrect and we have evidence to prove that unfortunately the posts have not stopped. We do have a lawyer in place, but we would prefer to keep this situation out of the court system since we run a voluntary site.

So she has evidence, well, let’s see it. There is no disputing the evidence we laid out in our post on this blog, she was caught red handed. AND, if it was untrue don’t you think I would have heard from her lawyer by now???? And, Jahn Acrylic did not mention Kuhnast’s name at all in her comment.

Bring it on Ms Kuhnast.

Also, I believe that Ms Kuhnast may have broken the law with that email as she appears to be trying to ruin the reputation of one company unless they do as she tells them.

I think this probably explains why we have had such a leap in membership over the last few weeks… it seems that more and more are seeing the light perhaps and are tired of the childish games.

The general consensus is that Ms Kuhnast is a perpetrator and not a victim as she likes to make out she is and she needs to shown up for exactly what she is.

I will not be bullied or threatened when I have done no wrong, but I will show up those who behave in such a manner, nor will I allow BMNE Direct to be afforded that type of treatment either.

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