Mineral foundations, concealers and blushers are 100% natural, there are no talcs, no chemicals, no waxes, no oils, no corn starch, no fillers and they are dye free. They are light powders which give a better effect than normal liquid foundations. Have you seen these advertised on TV? They are perfect for sensitive skins, can be used immediately after cosmetic surgery and the answer to acne proned skins.

Two of the main ingredients found in the powders are natural sunblocks, so you do not have to worry about layering sunblock, foundation and powder again using these products.

The products are anti-inflammatory and help to sooth irritated skin, they are water resistant and therefore will stay put for hours and hours.

The will give you a complete and flawless cover, covering rosacea, acne and redness. The powder does not settle in to those fine lines either. They are made of inert minerals which can not be a host to bacteria.

What have you go to lose, join the revolution and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The powders are easily applied with a kabuki brush, dip the brush into the powder, tap the brush on a hard surface so the powder settles into the bristles and then apply light dustings, if you need to use the concealer powder first, finally apply a blush, make sure you use a different brush though because the blush powders are darker and will remain in your foundation brush if you use it and will affect the colour next time you apply your foundation powder.

These pots will last you over 6 months. Lipstick, eyeshadows and nail polish are also available in mineral cosmetics and we will also be introducing these items to our product range.


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